Art Gallery

We have a small art gallery where we love to showcase local and emerging artists.


Featured Artists


Logan thyr

Art reception on September 14 at 5pm
instagram: Logan | Ramenshaman



accepted on a rolling basis


what to submit

  1. Your first and last name

  2. Email address

  3. Phone number

  4. City and state of residence

  5. An artist statement. You can say whatever you like. In general, we are interested in your practice as an artist.

  6. A list of your works of art. The list must have the following info for each one:

    • Image file name(s)

    • Title

    • Year the piece was completed

    • Medium(s)

    • Dimensions

    • Price

  7. Images of your works of art. Each image file must meet the following requirements:

    • File name: Only a number. Example: 01.jpg

    • File format: JPEG/ JPG


How to Submit

You may email your submission to



Any artist currently living in Ohio is eligible.


example submission

  1. Jane Doe


  3. (000) 000-000

  4. Columbus, Oh

  5. Artist Statement:

    My work explores the relationship between postmodern discourse and vegetarian ethics. With influences as diverse as Drake and Frida Kahlo, new variations are synthesized from both traditional and modern layers.

  6. List of works: For this example Janey submits 3 pieces.

    Inkjet print
    2" x 2"

    2A.jpg, 2B.jpg, 2C.jpg
    Acrylic paint on canvas
    15" x 24"

    3.jpg, 3_install.jpg
    4" x 10"

  7. Images: For this example Janey submits 6 images, but she is allowed to submit as many images as she needs.

    For her first piece Janey submits one image: 1.jpg.

    For her painting she submits three images: 2A.jpg, 2B.jpg, and 2C.jpg. One image shows the whole thing. The other two are detail shots. They are all prefixed with "2" because they're all for the second piece.

    The third piece has two images. 3.jpg is of the whole sculpture. 3_install.jpg is an install photo to show how Janey wants her sculpture presented.