A busy weekend - Chalk Talk, Public Meeting, and Crafternoon

Hello! It’s Jackie. I’ve been falling behind on these posts. I think it’s because I write long and detailed posts. But maybe I would post more if I am more informal.

So, this is a post about what I am doing this weekend.

Yesterday was Friday. We had an event- Chalk Talk: I wasn’t even supposed to be here today. It’s our storytelling series in which we get to hear from people that we may not normally interact with. I had a really good time. My friends Eliy, Wes, and Steven spoke at it. It was sort of a bummer though because three of the speakers who originally were supposed to speak did not pan out. Which is why Eliy and Steven hopped on sort of last minute. I think it’s kind of hard for people who are not already performers to work up the gumption to speak at Chalk Talk. That’s why we saw the drop off. Hopefully in the future we will be able to coach speakers through it.

Today is Saturday. We have a public meeting and potluck at 4. The idea for the meeting is to reel in new people and reconnect with our existing community. I don’t know what Eddy and I are making for the potluck and I am kind of stressed about it because I have to wash the dishes first. Whatever. Also for the meeting I want to have printed out February events calendars to hand out. But I’m held up on making the calendar because I need Eddy to get the event pages for February up. I wrote a program that I feed in the json from facebook’s graph api and it spits out all of the upcoming events info in a formatted document. It’s really useful for me when I make the calendars. Otherwise I have to gather the info myself and I hate doing that.

Today I am also thinking about getting ready for some upcoming events. Tomorrow is Crafternoon - a Grrrl Gang event where we are going to make crafts. Lol I said BYO craft on the event pages because I couldn’t think of a good group craft. I wish I had somebody who was my partner for putting on the grrrl gang events because I don’t really think I am coming up with cool discussion topics and craft ideas anymore. Today I bought a new book online to hopefully help with that- it’s called Crafting with Feminism by Bonnie Burton. I already decided that we are making one of the crafts in the book for our next grrrl gang in February. It’s going to be Strong Female Character Prayer Candles. Come to that event if you want to make one- it’s going to be February 13 at 7pm (edit: the date for this changed. It’s definitely the 13th)!

Wow I gotta stop writing this because there are only 3 hours before the public meeting and I gotta do a bunch of stuff! Thanks for reading. Comment if you have ideas for grrrl gang crafts and discussions.



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